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World CML Day 2015

The idea that we should 'celebrate' World CML Day on 22nd day of the 9th month was started in 2008 by the CML Society of Canada in order to raise the profile of the disease and the revolution in its treatment.

This idea was taken up by other patient groups and has become a special day for CML patients worldwide. In our view World CML Day provides an opportunity to remember those CML patients who, for many reasons, did not survive long enough to see TKI therapy completely turn the prognosis for this disease on its head.

Nowadays, the majority of patients who have access to optimal therapy can be confident that they will live out their normal lifespan.

The CML Support Group, with the help of a small group of volunteers and the expertise of Folk Labs (our design partners who build software to support organisations with a social mission) have been working hard over the last six months to redesign and rebuild our website so that it fits its purpose and works efficiently on the different internet platforms that many of our members now use.

We are launching our new site today, 22nd September, World CML Day 2015. And some of our members very kindly contributed their photos to help encourage other CML patients worldwide never to give up hope: not only for increased access to the best possible therapies, but also with the hope that in the very near future we will see a cure for CML as well as other life threatening diseases.

We asked those willing to help share our message on World CML Day to send us a 'selfie' photo of themselves holding a card featuring a positive message.

CML Support Group World CML Day 2015 Graphic
Cindy Greene, Nigel Deekes, Richard Willoughby, David Fitzgerald & Moira Hill marking World CML Day 2015