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Just diagnosed?

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with Ph+ CML you might find these sections of our site helpful.

Don't panic

First things first. Read our page on the 10 must-know facts about CML.

Learn the basics about leukaemia

Next, watch this fantastic Khan Academy video which explains the basics of what this disease actually is and how it works.

Grab a template

If you have an appointment with your haematologist or oncologist coming up, you might want to print off one of our templates to take with you which mght help you ask the right questions.

Learn the terminology

It's hard to learn all the technical CML terminology, but you can't avoid it if you are to understand your best treatment options- CML is complicated, so we've tried to make it easier to understand. All the technical words on this site act as links. Hover over a word with your mouse and a little explanation will pop up. Click on it and you'll be taken to the Glossary where you can get a more indepth explanation.

Register as a user of this site

To join our community, simply register with a valid email account (so that we can ensure you're not a spammer or robot) by using our Registration page. After you enter your details, you'll be sent an email containing a verification link. Just click the link to prove your identity.

Say hello in our forum

Finally, you'll almost certainly have more questions about your own situation than we can answer in our guides. That is what our forum is for. Introduce yourself on the discussion forum and tell us a bit about yourself and your diagnosis. We'd love to help and offer advice.

Trials for newly diagnosed

This Clinical Trials listing details all currently-active CML trials which are relevant for newly-diagnosed patients. Please contact us to suggest any missing trials.
Always discuss your trial suitability with your clinician or oncologist, remembering to give them the trial investigator's email address, which can be found on the official trial pages we link to.

No current trials for newly diagnosed patients.

Last modified: 
23 July 2021