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About this site

This website is a key part of CML Support Group's work.

While browsing this site

Remember, the most important thing you need to know about CML is that you must educate yourself in this disease and arm yourself with knowledge. 

This website is open access. Registration is not a requirement to view its content, however if you wish to interact with others on the discussion forum you must register as a user.

Our mission

Each of us can offer a helping hand to those who are following behind. This community was created to help people living with CML to discover, then access the best possible treatment for them, moving beyond CML to live as normal a life as possible. We don’t believe people should be defined by there disease. That belief has driven us from the start.

Thinking like a community

The amazing thing about the Internet is its ability to bring people together who would otherwise never be able to meet regularly or communicate in detail about their health and wellbeing. The CML global community is the reason we started this website.

We hope the information and support you find on the site is useful in lightening the load of living with CML. But we can't keep improving it without every member of the community contributing their own feedback, thoughts and feelings. Please let us know if something we have written isn't clear. 

Other ways you can contribute

Read more about how to contribute to our site, visit our Help pages. If you'd like to help us further develop the site and provide ongoing support to our volunteers and community then consider making a donation to our charitable foundation on our Donate page.

Last modified: 
23 July 2021