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Patient information

Since the introduction of targeted medicines known as Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors in the early 2000s, Ph+ CML is now a chronic, manageable illness rather than a life-threatening disease. However, ensuring ongoing wellbeing requires knowledge. Our 'Living' section explains how you might learn more so you can better cope with your diagnosis and live a full and positive life.

Educate yourself

The first and most important piece of advice we can give about living with CML is that you endeavour to educate yourself about the disease and learn everything you can about your own condition. The best place to start is our About CML section where we explain everything you need to know about the technical and medical aspects of Ph+ CML.

Once you understand how CML works and how it is treated visit our Living section to learn how to live well with CML.

Just diagnosed?

Read the 'Just Diagnosed' page to get the facts so you can begin to understand and learn about your diagnosis. Visit our discussion forum. There are many expert patients who are willing to help you understand your disease and its therapies.

About diagnosis

We have shared some of the more common experiences at diagnosis. We find it helps to hear about other people's experiences, You are not alone.

Side effects of TKI therapies

Your clinician can advise and reassure you if you are having difficulties at the beginning of therapy. As time goes on you/your body will readjust, but a good way to get help is to join our discussion forum and ask how others have found ways to counter the more common or less common side effects of TKI therapies.



Last modified: 
25 July 2021