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Our Resources section is where we gather useful listings, organisations and content from across the web together in one place.

Our key resources include articles which we aim to keep up-to-date with the latest information about CML and treatments and causes as they are discovered.


Articles are sorted into categories which include Major scientific breakthroughs, Clinical publications and Updates, CML stories we've seen in the news, Policy updates and Scientific white papers we think are of interest to you.

Clinical trials

You may be interested in joining a clinical trial or a friend or relative may have suggested you join one. Here's our listing of all the current and planned CML trials we know of.

CML Specialists

There are many fantastic hospitals and treatment centres which offer a great standard of care. But some centres are acknowledged as "Specialists" in the treatment of CML. Here you can discover whether any of them are near to your home.


This section is also where we keep helpful and informative Videos we have gathered from around the web.


We also keep a detailed Glossary of technical terms which you can see across most pages of the site. Whenever you see a term or abbreviation on the site which you don't understand and which is highlighted like this, you can roll your mouse over it, or click it to be taken to our Glossary page to read a detailed explanation of the term.


To help you get the best from your visits with doctors, haematologists, oncologists and other medical professionals we have developed some helpful templates and question lists you can take with you to the clinic.

Patient Guidance

Guides from bodies such as European LeukaemiaNet and NCCN about CML.

Contribute to the site

If you have found any resources around the web which you would like us to add to our listings, please get in touch via our Contact and we'll be delighted to add them.

Last modified: 
18 March 2019