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£3M Award for Pioneering Scottish Trial for Leukaemia (CML)

Researchers at the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Cancer Sciences have been awarded £3.1 million by Cancer Research UK to lead a first-of-its-kind pioneering study to help find new treatments for patients with difficult to treat CML. The trial will study whether a combination of TKI + another drug will kill stem cells in CML. It is based on groundbreaking work by the team in Glasgow led by the late Prof. Tess Holyoake which studied quiescent stem cells in CML. 

Professor Mhairi Copland, Director of the Paul O’Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre, said: “We are absolutely delighted and proud to have been awarded this funding from Cancer Research UK. It’s the first time in the UK that an award has been made by this programme, cementing Glasgow’s reputation as a world-leading centre for CML research. It’s a fantastic recognition of all the work that’s taken place over a number of years in Glasgow, including Tessa’s pioneering work, to help more people survive CML".  Prof. Copland told delegates at the 2018 UK CML Patient Day that this trial is set to open in early 2019.