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CML Horizons 2019 Presentations and Video streams are available now!

Videos and PDF copies of presentations from the CML Advocates conference, 2019, are now available and can be found by following the link below:

Below is an overview of the available materials, but you will find that and more by following the link above.

Presentations, Video streams and Photo Gallery are available now!


Horizons 2019: Learn. Share. Grow. 17 to 19 May 2019, Lisbon - Portugal


Day 1: 

CML 101 - Re-fresher and especially recommended to newcomers to CML Horizons 2019


CML 301 – Introduction into CML, science and data

Status and Evolution of CML AN

Medical #1: Thinking about outcomes: What is the goal of CML Treatment?

  • Presentation on guidelines and reality, incl. case study. Presented by Gianantonio Rosti on behalf of Amma Benneh-Akwasi and Presentation on QoL, incl. case study o Case study: young-old patient/patient preferences?. Gianantonio Rosti   PDF1 PDF2 Video Webstream
  • Panel discussion: What is the goal of CML treatment? Survival of best quality of life. Panellists: Gianantonio Rosti, Qian Jiang, Jan Geißler, Param Subramaniam. Video Webstream

Advocacy #1: Improving access

  • Status report on accessing therapy and diagnostics in CML. Pat Garcia-Gonzalez  PDF Video Webstream


Day 2:

Medical #2: Monitoring, Diagnostics and Prognosis

  • Risk profiles - and what do they tell us about the choice of treatment, chances for TFR, doing additional diagnostics. Mutation testing. Additional chromosomal abnormalities. Francois-Xavier Mahon PDF Video Webstream
  • Reality check from a clinician perspective: How patients are monitored in LMI. Qian Jiang. PDF Video Webstream
  • Reality check from a patient perspective: Overview on diagnostics and monitoring in Central America. Silvia Castillo de Armas PDF Video Webstream

Medical #3: Treatment-free remission  

  • Update from TFR studies. Francois-Xavier Mahon PDF Video Webstream (TBA)
  • Results of the TFR 4 CML Patients - Psychological aspects, and how do we translate them into advocacy action for better and safer TFR Giora Sharf PDF Video Webstream

Advocacy #3: Key initiatives in CML advocacy – Best Practice Session

  • Engaging Our Policy-Makers, Max Family Malaysia. Li Li Gan PDF Video Webstream
  • Smartphone app ROBIN, Hematon. Monique Wienen PDF Video Webstream
  • Caring for the CML Family Caregiver, CML Busters FSG of California. Jerry Clements PDF Video Webstream
  • PRO QOL of CML patients on different TKIs, Israeli CML Patient Organization. Giora Sharf PDF Video Webstream
  • Study on Identifying The Needs Of Patients With CML In Colombia, Fundación Colombiana de Leucemia y Linfoma. Yolima Mendez Comacho PDF Video Webstream

Report from regional sessions; presentation of the new Steering Committee 2019-2020 PDF Video Webstream


Day 3:

Medical #4: Outlook on CML in 2023

  • Future research: Asciminib, and other future drugs. Francois-Xavier Mahon PDF Video Web stream
  • Discussion: State of 2023 in Western Countries: What will choice of therapy be like if all current TKIs will be generic? Debate of Gianantonio Rosti and Francois-Xavier Mahon PDF Video Webstream
  • State of 2023 in LMI: How will CML diagnostics and therapy evolve in LMI? Do all TKI becoming generic change access in any way? Qian Jiang PDF Video Webstream

Advocacy #4: Living with CML

  • Transition Care: Managing the transition from paediatric to adult care. Rod Padua and Yunus Borowczak PDF Video Webstream
  • Psychosocial issues, anxiety, depression, dealing with grief, supporting carers. Panellists: Lisa Machado, Cristian Neves, Cornelia Borowczak, Gerald Clements Video Webstream