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CML Horizons 2024 Videos and Presentations

You can find all the presentations and videos from CML Horizons 2024 at the following link:


The first day began with an essential session, CML 101, led by Dr. Van Etten and Jerry Clements. This session offered foundational knowledge and insights crucial for both newcomers and veterans in the CML advocacy community.

During the morning sessions Regional meetings were conducted for discussions pertinent to the specific region. These sessions were designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by CML patients and advocates across the globe.

In the afternoon we started with the official opening of CML Horizons 2024 that featured:

  • A warm welcome to Lithuania by Šarūnas Narbutas – PDF
  • Opening remarks by Rod Padua – PDF
  • A moment of reflection with Giora Sharf to honor memories
  • Updates on CML AN Projects & Strategic Plan by Denis Costello
  • After the official opening, we covered a range of Best practices in CML advocacy.
  • Medical Mentoring, A Heart Keeper – KBDCA by Jung Suk Park – PDF
  • Advocacy for CML During Challenges – Drop of Blood by Nataliia Lopina – PDF
  • CML Awareness Tea Parties, CML Zimbabwe by Loretta Williams – PDF
  • Let’s Show the Healthy CML Survivors – Club Zero by Yujin Hong – PDF
  • Addressing Health Inequities in Brazil – ABRALE by Catherine Moura – PDF
  • We continued with very interesting Medical Session which offered a comprehensive perspective on Treatment-Free Remission (TFR):
  • Predictors of Successful TFR: Insights by Andreas Hochhaus – PDF
  • Navigating Future After TFR Failure: Discussion led by Jorge Cortes – PDF
  • TFR Risk Analysis – A Patient’s Perspective: Presented by Bahija Gouimi & Nigel Deekes – PDF
  • Dose Reduction to TFR: Insights by Daniela Žáčková
  • TFR Monitoring in LMICs: Challenges and strategies by Amma Benneh – PDF
  • Nurse Support for TFR Patients: Insights by Irene Caballes – PDF
  • We ended day 1 of #CMLHZ24 with Poster Palooza session featuring interactive presentations, networking, and vibrant discussions.

Day 2 of the CML Horizons 2024 conference was filled with insightful sessions, expert-led workshops, and opportunities for advocacy and collaboration.

Medical Session #2: ‘Meet the Expert’ Session

Participants gathered in the main conference room for introductory remarks and workshop instructions before breaking into groups:

  • Group 1 Focused on “Navigating Side Effects: Expert Strategies for Effective Management” with Nurse Specialist Irene Caballes – PDF and Monitoring cardiovascular health in CML patients receiving TKI therapy with Nataliia Lopina. – PDF
  • Group 2 Explored “Generics and Drug Interaction Perspective” with Nick Duncan. – PDF
  • Group 3 Addressed “Treatment Choices Unveiled: Decoding Patient-Doctor Decision Dilemmas” with Daniela Žáčková and Andreas Hochhaus. – PDF
  • Group 4 Discussed similar topics as Group 3, focusing on LMICs (Low- and Middle-Income Countries) with Amma Benneh and Eunice Orekha.
  • Group 5 Offered perspectives in Spanish with Jorge Cortes – PDF , joined by Irene Caballes and Nataliia Lopina.
  • Advocacy Session #2: Empowering Advocacy – Strategies and Collaborations – Take 1

The advocacy session was divided into four workshops, each focusing on different aspects of advocacy and strategies:

  • Workshop 1: “Know Your CML App Workshop: Unlocking its Potential for Advocacy” led by Nikola Nikolov and Denis Costello. – PDF
  • Workshop 2: “Utilising Big Data for CML: The Harmony Project Updates and Challenges” with Eglys Gonzalez joining virtually and Jan Geißler. – PDF
  • Workshop 3: “Advocacy in Action: Global Access to Treatment & TFR Support Program” by The Max Foundation, presented by Pat Garcia-Gonzalez. – PDF
  • Workshop 4: “Best Practices: How to Engage with Pharma” with advocates Jana Pelouchová and pharma representative Beatrice Baudino – PDF
  • Medical Session #3: Innovations in CML Prognostics and Treatment

This session covered the latest advancements in CML treatment and prognostics:

  • AI Revolution in CML Prognostics by Sin Tiong Ong. – PDF
  • Innovative Treatment – What’s on the Horizon by Jorge Cortes. – PDF
  • Challenges of Current Front-Line Treatments by Daniela Žáčková. – PDF
  • New Data on First Line Treatment in CML by Andreas Hochhaus. – PDF
  • Advocacy Session #3: Empowering Advocacy – Strategies and Collaborations – Take 2

This session mirrored the morning advocacy workshops, providing another opportunity for attendees to engage and collaborate.

The final day of the CML Horizons 2024 Hybrid Conference was packed with engaging sessions, workshops, and the presentation of the best poster award.

Advocacy Session #4: “Elevating Advocacy – Bridging Gaps”

Participants engaged in two parallel workshops:

  • Workshop 1: The CML Champion’s Toolkit: Mastering Resilience, Storytelling, and Advocacy Agility with Roi Shternin – PDF
  • Workshop 2: Digital Tools for Managing Your “Patient Organisation” with Paula Capparelli – PDF
  • Advocacy Session #5: New Channels of Communication
  • This session explored innovative communication strategies like:
  • How to Reach Out to and Empower Young Patients with Ana Amaral joining virtually and sharing strategies on empowering young CML patients, ensuring their voices are heard and supported.
  • Building an Online Patient Community with Liat Rotem Melamed virtually discussing building a robust online patient community, fostering support and shared experiences among CML patients worldwide.
  • Building Your Advocacy Brand: Leverage Social Media Like a CML Thought Leader with Roi Shternin teaching how to leverage social media to build a strong advocacy brand and become a CML thought leader. – PDF