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iCMLf Forum 2022: The Next Big Challenges in CML? Webstreams

Webstreams of the presentations and discussions from the iCMLf Forum 2022 that took place on December 9th 2022 in News Orleans (USA), are now available to view. At this forum, our speakers and panellists of renowned experts in the field took a look at future directions of CML. What are the next big challenges in CML? What are the most promising new approaches? What research questions need to be answered to help us to move closer to a cure for CML?

Topics include:

  • Free treatment or treatment free? Where to invest limited resources in a highly managable cancer?Professor Michael Deininger (USA)
  • Disease persistence in CML, Assistant Professor Ted Braun (USA)
  • Resistance in CML: More than Abl mutations, Professor Jorge Cortes (USA)