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Join the COVID Symptom Study

As the UK and the world see many more people test positive for COVID-19 You can help collect important data with this free symptom tracker by monitoring your day to day health and wellbeing.                                                                                             

We know very little about this particular virus as it sweeps the globe decimating many lives. If we are to develop better treatments we urgently need to understand exactly what we are dealing with.                                                                            

We can all help our clinicians and scientists help us in the only way we can by using the symptom tracker developed by UK doctors and scientists based at Kings College and Guys & St Thomas’ Hospitals in London.                                               

By doing this we can help protect ourselves and others from the worst effects of COVID-19 and continue to observe social distancing and voluntary personal quarantine for as long it may take.                                                                      

Some of us at the CML Support Group are already using this tracker to provide data to the team at Kings College and Guys St Thomas’ Hospitals London.                   

In this way, we can help them better understand how this virus behaves and why some people may be asymptomatic and others not.                                              

Help them to help us by taking a look at the website here: and share your data by using the COVID Symptom Tracker