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Long‐term follow‐up of lower dose dasatinib (50 mg daily) as frontline therapy in newly diagnosed chronic CML

Dasatinib, a potent Bcr‐Abl tyrosine kinase inhibitor, is approved for the treatment of chronic‐phase chronic myeloid leukemia (CML‐CP) in the frontline and salvage settings. Notable side effects include pleural effusions and myelosuppression. Dasatinib at 50 mg daily has previously been reported to be active and better tolerated than the approved 100‐mg daily dose. The aim of this study was to update the long‐term follow‐up results of dasatinib at 50 mg daily as frontline therapy for CML‐CP. (NCT02689440)

Kiran Naqvi MD  Elias Jabbour MD  Jeffrey Skinner BS, MHA  Kristin Anderson BS et al
25 September 2019