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Pancreatic enzyme elevation in patients treated with nilotinib

Discussion and Results.

Regular monitoring and prolonged observation are needed to establish whether pancreatic enzyme eleva- tions during nilotinib therapy are a benign laboratory abnormality or a serious adverse event reflecting a (potential) pancreatic disease. In our experience, with a median observation time longer than two years, these alterations were short-lasting and self-limiting, requir- ing preventative temporary drug discontinuation in one patient only. None of the patients required permanent treatment interruption due to pancreatic enzyme eleva- tion and nilotinib dose was precautionarily reduced in 2 cases only. More importantly, no patient developed acute pancreatitis or clinical signs of pancreatic disease, such as pancreatic-type pain, obstructive jaundice, maldigestion, diabetes, pancreatic cysts and ascites.