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Update: An investigation into the use of app technology in patients with CML

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent survey investigating App use and functionality in the setting of CML.

We were overwhelmed by the number of responses and our final total of 286 (from every corner of the globe!) was far greater than we had expected.

Our key findings were that just under a quarter of respondents were aware that Apps are available to support patients in managing their CML - however, only 1 in 9 respondents had actually used an App.

When we asked patients who had never used an App whether they would consider using one in the future, a huge 94% said “Yes”! 

We also obtained some very useful information on what sort of functions patients would most like in an App and we are now starting to work with App developers to try and build an App that will provide as many of those desirable functions as possible.

So please watch this space for (hopefully) more developments later this year.

Many thanks again!

Saffiya Khadam (pharmacy student, University of Birmingham) and Nick Duncan (haematology pharmacist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham)