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Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Glasgow

0141 301 7000

The Beatson, which rivals Europe’s top cancer hospitals in terms of facilities and equipment, provides West of Scotland cancer patients and staff with the most cutting edge equipment, treatments and surroundings to fight cancer.Completing the world-class package of cancer care, the new Beatson is staffed by some of the most skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals in the country.

Key to the design of the new Beatson is the creation of a calm, relaxing and therapeutic environment for patients to improve their well-being and enhance their recuperation.

Colour, shape, light and furnishings have been central to the plans for the Beatson. The comfort of patients was considered to be so important to well-being and recovery that a dedicated Art Co-ordinator was commissioned to oversee this crucial design element.

The Beatson's combination of facilities, new technology and calm, relaxing environment make it one of the most innovative and modern cancer care centres in the world.

1053 Great Western Road
G12 0YN
United Kingdom