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Professor John M Goldman Past away this afternoon

Sad news Prof. John Goldman passed away this afternoon in London, at the age of 75. He was a great teacher and mentor for many in the CML community.

This is tragic sad news, he was a real leader in CML, he taught my Doctor / Professor and I understand Prof Apperley and many others, he lead the way with CML and helped develop PCR testing and much more, and if you read many papers his name will be there, we all owe him a real debt. He spoke so well only last month at the CML conference in Oxford. I am sure he will be greatly missed, and others will speak more of him. God rest you and my thanks John.

Carol and I cannot believe this very sad news. one of the worlds greatest doctors. He was down to earth, humble and truly a remarkable man. We first met him 9 years ago at our first conference in Birmingham he would talk to us not as a Dr patient. But as a fellow human being trying to help me with my cml. He will be sadly missed. He has saved so many lives. A sad day for cml patients. Rest in peace.

Respected Sir,
We were shocked to hear about the sudden loss of our eminent Mentor, Guardian,& Loving Caregiver to thousands of patients throughout the world. Sir John, in addition to all the unique medical discoveries , new drugs, and marrow transplant treatments for Leukemia, your amazing vision resulted in the first two successful bone marrow donor registries in India.
We will all miss you but never forget you or your humble contributions for medical progress in India.
GOD BLESS YOU ; sunil parekh, on behalf of marrow donor registry India, Mumbai.

I am really shocked to read this news. Please see my post at the top of the page. Prof. Apperley is compiling a book of condolences and has invited you to send your messages so they can be included.