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UK Patients and Carers Day 2015

Hope to see lots of you who can make it to the 2015 CML Patient Seminar this Saturday 14th, at the Conference Centre, Hammersmith Hospital - see following link for directions if you haven't already received them:

For those who cannot attend there will be a live webcast available via:

The link for the webcast will be put on the above site on Friday evening. 


Thursday,  November 12,  2015  at  7:30pm  Eastern  Standard  Time :  Online  Broadcast  Event:  CML -  The  Patient's  Journey


For those in or near to London who would like to take part in the King's CML Patient Group Lab Tour on Wednesday 2nd December from 2pm - 5pm, at Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill. see events page or link below


Sandy,  thanks for letting us know about this.   I had a look at the link for the webcast but when I got to the page couldn't see anything there.   I may well be missing something that's right in front of my nose but could you please help me?

Is it going to be a live web cast?   If so where's the link?   Or will it be made available after the event?

Hi Darley, I am not too clear on this either.  I am waiting for Prof. O'brien to let me have the actual webcast link... which I assume/hope will be apparent on the website in time for Saturday's meeting  Will let you know when as soon as I get some clarity.


Ah right.   That's a relief.  I thought it was me that wasn't seeing something obvious.  ;)


Just checked with organisers and was told the following:

There will be a LIVE Webcast of this years meeting as well as links to the presentations etc. on

Once you enter the 2015 meeting page on the website there will be a banner saying ‘webcast’ which people will be able to click and join at the start of the day. 

The link will be added to the website on Friday evening and will be accessible once recording starts at the start of the conference. 

Thanks for finding out and letting us know.   I'm hoping that it's also going to be available after the event.   I've a busy day tomorrow but wanted to watch some of the key bits on the evenings next week.