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Travel Insurance UK to France


Hi all,

Looking for some urgent advice I am going to France for 2 days tomorrow.

I have travel insurance with my bank (Lloyd’s) but I don’t think they’ll now cover me due to my diagnosis in March.

Can anyone recommend a company that won’t rip me off should my bank not cover me which I highly suspect they won’t. I wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone once I call my bank today.

Many thanks


Alex there has been a lot correspondence over many years on this subject. If you put travel insurance in the search box at top right of the web page you will see what I mean. This link is the most recent search result on the first page . Hope this helps.

Thank you!

Yes I did use the search but couldn’t see a comprehensive list of insurers. I did find a link that Sandie posted but the URL was offline.

I’ve just used moneysupermarket for cancer patients and I’ve found some that offer CML cover. Namely Sainsburys bank.

Thanks for replying.


Hi, I got an email from Savvy Woman yesterday she’s off the BBC I think ,she has an article about trying to get travel insurance when you have cancer on there ,just Google it.She mentions a few companies you can try .Good Luck ,take care on your travels and have a fab time ,Denise.