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The next Medical Trend

I just wanted to tell my great friends here of
of this fantastic ground breaking investment opportunity.
In Helium Marijuana.

I know its sounds silly but think about it,
Marijuana can make you high and helium
can make you higher on marijuana.

It’s a no-brainier investment.
I’ll keep you guys updated as soon as I
get the address to sent your money.

Now that marijuana is legal in the US.
Helium marijuana will be the next trend.
I know I’m right!

Of course I’m not serious.

And here I was getting very excited!! 

People from the planet Xitar can get you excited.

Romo is from there. So be careful.

I never heard of planet Xitar.
I think you made this up.


Sounds exactly like what someone from the planet Xitar would say! 😂😂😂