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Finally home

It seems we are on the right path now. My wife cml is being managed from home. She is on glevec with some side effects in the beginning but those are starting to fade. This has been a scary adventure for us but things are looking up now. 

Jason, it's good to hear things are settling down.  I think your family has had enough matrimonial and medical adventures for this year!

Everyone is different, but some CML patients aren't good about taking their pill every day.  You know your wife, so I'm sure you know if she'll be good about it.  If she's not good about remembering, you guys should figure out what works to make sure she doesn't miss any doses.

The only time I can remember missing any of my pills was when we went out of town for a couple of days and I forgot them.  That was about 5 years ago and it obviously didn't kill me.  Then there was another time when we got about half an hour away from home and had to go back to get them.  So for me, that's been my challenge to remember to get the darn pills when heading out for vacation.

Thanks for letting us know how you guys are doing.