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Pleural Effusion, Chemo Holiday! How long has everyone been taken off Sprycel for Pleural Effusion


I was wondering how long everyone who had pleural effusion resulting from medication where taken off of Sprycel.? I was on 100mg 1 time per day since 2011. I got almost every side effect but hematologist was not all that concerned until I ended up in the hospital because I was so short of breath. August 6th 2017 I was told to stop taking. My pleural effusion is still present but very minimal. My blood work all seems gr8, crazy thing is my liver levels are up and not taking anything except the diuretics and HP meds prescribed. My fluid retention in my ankles, feet, hands and belly is still very present.

One good thing is I love not having the feeling of what feels like poison running through my system anymore even if it was keeping the CML at bay.

Thanks in advance for you kind response. 

Ideal is to stay off Sprycel until pleural effusion is 100% gone.  Longest I was able to stay off was 11 weeks; still had very minimal but present fluid.  PCR had gone from <0.01% IS to 2.something, so had to restart right away.  Quickly got back down to where I had been, though.  Started back on 20 mg; still have minimal but stable PE.  Sounds like you have additional issues, though - the general edema and liver levels.  Hope they get better!