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Imatinib and fertility in males? please help

My name is Vikram
I am 27 years old boy
Nationality India

Dignosis cml age 16
10 year ago....

Gleveek (intneeb) 400 MG per day

After 3 years
Change does Gleveek (intneeb) 600 MG per day....

Current does Gleveek (intneeb) 600 MG per day

No changes because report good undertaketable

My question is I can merried?

Cml cp (chronic pase)


Life time I control cml chronic pase?
Ya deases automatically cml chronic to aucut phase transfer in future?

Merried normal girl ya merried cml girl

Merried normal girl no question

But merried cml girl
In future
Complications in babies....?
Fertility problems?

Cml completely cure possible?

Miristen 126 trails successfully in mice

Human trails date and research?

In Google no information available miristen 126 trails? And trails date?

In 2019?

Please reply
I can merried?

Life time control cml in chronic phase possible? Does Gleveek (intneeb) 600 MG per day

After ten years treatment
I have side effects little hair fall

Please reply