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I just wanted to say I am appreciative of how well this forum works. It is easy to navigate with topics and follow the threads. The information that is posted on the home page with articles and information are so helpful too, as well as the articles that people on this forum share. I just viewed the CML DAY information and listened to the videos and it was great to have an opportunity to learn from CML Day even though I couldn't attend. I have visited England before however and it is a beautiful place.

Hi Kali,

I'm really pleased you find it useful and easy to use. We try to make everything as accessible as possible. 

We will be making some upgrades to the site soon, so if you (or anyone else) has any feedback or ideas for the site we'd live to hear.  I think there's a lot of info on this site (especially under the "patient info" menu) which isn't as easy to find as it could, so we may try to promote the accumulated knowledge here better.