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Vitamin D and Platelets

During the last 2 and a half years of treatment my platelet count has continued to increase at every 3 month check up. I had my vitamin D level checked in October and the result was 13.9 if I remember correctly. My platelet count at that appointment was 514 thousand. I started taking 5,000IU of Vit D daily in mid to late October. Yesterday I had my 3 month testing with my oncologist. To my surprise, my Platelets decreased for the first time. Result was 459 thousand. I wanted to kiss my doctor I was so happy! The continued increase had me worrying for potential CV disease, stroke, clots, etc in the future, as it seemed it was never going to plateau. I have not yet rechecked my Vit D level since October, but I do wonder however, if there is a legitimate correlation between elevated platelet count and low Vit D. Has anyone else experienced this or do any of the experts here know? I find it too coincidental that I started Vit D and 9 or so weeks later my Platelets are coming down to a more normal range.

Your Vitamin D level was 13.9 - that is very low (below rickets level). Vitamin D is vital for blood homeostasis. . It's very likely getting your vitamin D elevated is helping your blood system. Strive to get your vitamin D level up above 50 (but less than 100 ng/ml) gradually.

(vitamin D3 is the supplement form that you can buy that converts to vitamin D in the body)