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Applying for australia

Hi all my wife is in australia. I am overseas and want to be with her. I have cml and and taking dasatinib. My medication is entirely free. I do not pay anything. Will i get visa or will be refuse due to i have cml. Its not pr visa. Its jst temporary visa.

Hi there,

I will not offer you any technical or other advice as I am not aware of which country you currently reside, but assuming that you are going in on a tourist visa there is no reason why your cml should have any bearing on your visa application which of course is now done online.It does not appear as a stamp in your passport but airlines and immigration in Australia have access to it.However if you are visiting you would be advised to take out travel insurance and prior to any treatment being sought in Australia your insurer would want you soon after arrival  to register for the medicare scheme set up in Australia.I am aware that visa applications for certain classes where you wish to stay for a longer period of time or if you have residency or retirement in mind would be very stringent.For instance if I were to apply for a retirement visa then I would need to set aside a minimum of one million AU dollars for a property and investment and have long term medical/ travel insurance set up (or set aside funds to pay for medication and tests) and also lodge a bond of say 50 000 or 100 000 in the event that I might need to eventually go in to a care home.I suggest that if in doubt you contact the Australian embassy/high commission or commission an immigration expert to advise.Essentially for a short visit I cannot see how having a cancer or cml or any other illness would be an issue as long as you have travel insurance with a high all inclusive medical cover which itself might be very loaded because of your condition.

I am aware that some countries might ask for a medical questionnaire to be answered with the visa application and have read that in some instance Canada would ask for a medical to be undertaken in the origin country-whether this a random thing or linked to what you declare in your application I do not know-anyway in many situations like this one would be advised to sort out the visa prior to purchasing a ticket etc

It seems that having cml does impact on some day to day living issues like not being able to access life insurance and in some instances insurers make it very difficult to access travel insurance but apart from that we should be the same as other human beings!

I dont know if this helps

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Thanks for the reply. My wife is studying there and want to be with her. Its student dependent visa. Will i be able to be with my wife and support her?

I am sorry but am not able to advise you.

Some years ago I was involved with student recruitment into UK and at that time it was relatively straightforward for a dependent of a student who was studying in UK to join and stay with a spouse and to work in UK as well and I believe take all the benefits of the National Health Service -however the position may well have changed and as far as the mirror situation for a dependent to join a spouse in Australia you would need to take professional advice.

The crucial issue is whether a dependent visa into Australia would allow you to join as of right their Medicare scheme and very importantly whether they would fund you as an outpatient for specialist services in a hospital to treat your CML and to pay ( or in part via a co pay scheme)  for your dasatinib.From hearsay it seems as if the Australian government is not very keen to fund medical care for a range of different types of visa applicants who have a pre existing medical condition..Alternatively if you took out private medical insurance in your existing country of residence I doubt if any  insurer would take on a pre existing condition such as CML and fund it whilst you are in Australia.

An alternative would be to try to have prescribed say 6 months of dasinitib in your current country of residence and to take it with you-but then you would still need the PCR tests etc at say 3 month intervals.

I wish you well