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Severe stomach pain


Hi there,

I have severe stomach pain since 3 days. It started when i eat a banana.. its really bad and worsen when i feel hungry or drink water.

Kindly suggest.

Hello.  I would suggest getting looked at by your Oncologist and have him refer you to a gastroenterologist.  It may be a stomach virus that you can get treatment for but it is definitely better to know for sure so you can take the right steps to address it.  I hope your symptoms subside but don't wait to get this looked at.  Hope you feel better soon.

Hi, if pain is in the lower right hand side of your abdomen it could be your Appendix ,please don't wait any longer if it is ,Good Luck ,Denise.

Hi all,

Visited GE today, he says pain may be due to bacterial imbalance.

He prescribed me to take antacid for 10 days and live -Probiotics for 10 days.

Question - would taking antacid (Esomeprazole) for 10 days affect nilotinib absorbtion?

Pls suggest!

My understanding is that it interferes with absorption of TKIs.  There is a time span between taking them.  Pull up the info of your drug on line or the paperwork supplied with the prescription.  




My other post provides more detail, but yes it will reduce your absorption of nilotinib. However, for 10 days only I would not be concerned. Long term use is the problem.