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Lymphocyte - 66℅


Hi there,

I go my Blood report today. My lymphocyte is at 66℅ and Neutophil at29℅

Lymphocyte is bit high. Anything to be worried about.

Please suggest.

It's not percentages that matter (for the most part) - it is the absolute numbers which tell the story.

At any given time, your body will produce/release more lymphocytes and/or neutrophils in response to "threats" (virus/bacteria).

This is happening all of the time. For example, when you are fighting a cold - even if you have no symptoms - your lymphocytes will skyrocket. This is temporary and normal. Same will happen with neutrophils when under a bacterial attack which is all of the time.

(on a side note - ever notice when an animal dies - road kill -, in only hours, the animal starts to decay due to bacteria. That's how fast our immune system has to respond to constant threats. It's amazing biology).