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TP 53 mutation


Hello everybody ,

I’m coming with new news i told before my sister had some problems with going down of her BCR-ABL results with Nilotinib , but now (with the same medication-Nilotinib)her results did go down really nice and her results are 1.1% . However our doctors found out she has a mutation TP53 which created those problems but they told us is really common to cancer and can be solved ? 

• is somebody here who can tell us more about this mutation ? Should we be worried about it ?

thank you


TP53 mutation is associated with both chronic phase and blast phase of CML. It could very well explain her early difficulty. The good news is that her CML reverted to chronic phase and is under control.

Something to consider is rotating CML drugs - such as switching from nilotinib to dasatinib (but not full dose). Rotating drugs is showing promise at attacking various clones of CML such as TP53 and could lead to a deeper remission.

Also - she should make sure her vitamin D level is high normal (between 50-80 ng/ml). Vitamin D is necessary for and enhances blast cell differentiation - even leukemic blast cells. I am personally convinced if my vitamin D level prior to diagnosis was in this range, I never would have developed CML. Low vitamin D levels (< 20 ng/ml) practically invites leukemia. Given her TP53 mutation - vitamin D may be added insurance.

Thank you scuba for your response !

i read about this TP53 mutation and i saw there exist a molecule named PRIMA-1 that can solve our problem ! Does anyone know something about this molecule ? 

Another thing i’m worried about is that i saw other people reach a more better BCR-ABL value than my sister in one year of treatment .

she has after one year only 1.1% .

please help me with some advices ! 


I don’t know if this link will work, but here is information on P-53 that I have been studying over the past 6 months.