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CML patient group 24th July kings

Hi guys,

I am going to be attending the above. I did try to arrange a CML meet-up before with a lot of interest but timings for all weren’t great.

This could be a great opportunity to meet some fellow CML’ers.

Who’s going?


I would love to go, but won't be able to unfortunately. I'm told that the agenda point around clinical trials will be really interesting - so if you do go to this I'd be really interested in hearing a little about what was discussed.


That’s a shame David would have been nice to meet you! Another time maybe. Hope all is good with you.


Actually I’ve just realised it’s on a Wednesday, which is my non-working day (4 day week) so I just might make it.

Great! Would be awesome to meet you. Hopefully see you there David.

Take care

Alex 😀