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Curcumin side effects

To all of you taking Curcumin, do you have intestinal problems? Do you know how to mitigate them? I am talking about gas and really loose stools. I take my pills half in the morning and half with dinner. Thanks in advance.

no intestinal problems from Curcumin.  The only thing I notice is when the capsule doesn't go down smoothly and quickly, I sometime exhale smoke which I think might have something to do with the black pepper extract/bioperine. I also have no idea if the curcumin helps me or not but I take it because my hero Scuba takes it.  Most recent PCR was undetectable.

I have no issues taking Curcumin with or without food. You might take it with food (especially food containing fat) so it mixes well and may be noticed less.

Curcumin is excellent for joint pain and arthritis and is hated by CML. Curcumin is good for you and if I did not have CML I would take it anyway now that I know about it.

(Curcumin is a cox-2 inhibitor just like aspirin. It works similarly and for people who have heart issues, Curcumin is good to take just for that alone)

Thank you both for your input. I wonder if it is the Curcumin that I am taking that is responsible? I take Naturewise Curcumin complex with Bioperine black pepper extract. And I realize that it also contains organic ginger?! Any thoughts?

I had issue when I took it before bedtime without food.  I adjusted to take with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  No issues after that.  One of my friends said the indigestion made her stop.  Said it was the worse she ever had.  Pretty sure she took without food.



Thanks for your post. It’s hard to understand. I take half in the morning and half after dinner.

I drink a bottle of water as well when taking supplements 

We could search Google for the side effects of turmeric. I noticed that it can cause stomach upset and stone formation in the bile. In my case, I did the detoxification of bile and liver as reported in Andreas Moritz's book. The result was to remove a few dozen large and small stones from my gallbladder. I've been taking turmeric for a year now.

Tom - would you refer to the article you mentioned on Curcumin causing stone formation in bile?

This is opposite to what I learned about Curcumin and bile salts. Curcumin is shown to cause gallbladder contractions leading to gallbladder emptying. This would have the opposite affect and help minimize the chances of gallstones. I recently had a gallbladder scan (part of a routine liver check-up) and my gallbladder was spotless - no hint of anything. I credit that to Curcumin use.

The oxalate salts of turmeric can cause formation of stones in the bile and kidneys. Of course the goodness of using turmeric is much more than these small side effects. These side effects occur on a case-by-case basis. It will be a good thing for us who take curcumin to control their function. Preventively we can drink an entire lemon in the morning we wake up ... that's what I do. Curcumin increases the production of bile from the liver and causes contraction of the gall bladder. This may result in incomplete evacuation due to contraction. Stagnation of bile in the gallbladder and the effect of oxalate salts can cause stones to form. Ultrasound does not show the stones when they are at an early stage. Personally, I had done ultrasound before I began detoxification using the method of Andreas Moritz. My gall bladder looked clean. But he eventually had many big and small stones. Of course they were not calcified, but they were of concentrated bile. So I sought to find it because they led my body to the formation of these stones. Let me note here that my diet for one year is mainly alkaline. I will continue to take curcumin, continue to do detoxification of bile and liver ... all that I am mentioning is based on my experience and the little knowledge I have regarding the human body ... forgive me if I am wrong!