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UK CML Patient Day 2019 - Leeds, 21st September


For those patients in the UK, the annual CML Patient day will be in Leeds this year on September 21st. It's a great day to learn more about CML, and get the opportunity to be able to ask the experts questions you might have. I'd really encourage you to go, especially if you are fairly recently diagnosed and haven't been to one of these days before.

Full details are here:

Looks great I may attend this. I am headed up to Kings College Hospital today for the talk at 2 - 4:30. I’ll be using more as an opportunity to meet fellow CML’ers. But of course listen to the talk as it’s all new to me.


Last year's meeting was excellent, but I really struggled in hearing some of the presenters over the sound system. Those who spoke more quietly or at a distance from the microphone were difficult to hear. I think this year I will need to determine the locations of the sound speakers.

I would hope that issue was specific to the location last year and that the audio is easier to follow at the Leeds venue this year.