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DreamLab - help fight cancer

Hi All,

My friend works for Vodafone and he recently informed me about a new phone app that’s been developed which allows us to use our devices to help cancer research. In short, you download the app, set it running when you are asleep and charging your phone, and then the phone connects to a network and uses its processing power to help run research calculations for research into fighting cancer. The idea is that we all have small computers doing nothing overnight and by linking them all together we can create a supercomputer to help the research. You choose when and where you want to turn it on and you don’t have to be on Vodafone.

The app is DreamLab

I’m not sure which countries it’s available in but it’s certainly available in the UK and is powered by Vodafone for Imperial College London. I think any country Vodafone operates is available so Australia etc. although I don’t think the US is supported.

Have a look if you’re interested. I crunched 81 calculations overnight in a project with approx 50 million calculations needed. The maths speaks for itself. If one million people had the app the project would be done in one night!


Edited to add: if moderators to the forum want me to remove this post as it isn’t directly CML/Leukaemia related then that’s absolutely fine 👍🏻