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12 months of TFR

Got my pcr results this morning. It has been 12 months since I stop Sprycel and my pcr is still the same!!!!! It is less than 0.002, basically undetected in most labs.
I am on cloud nine!!!!!!

Thank you Kat. I did not expect this result when I begun a year ago. 😁

Yep ... CML is in your rearview mirror. Stay vigilant and healthy.

So happy for you Karinne - when you stopped, what was your dose, how long were you on treatment and how long were you consecutively at MR 4.5 or better?

Thanks. When I stopped, I was taking Sprycel 50mg for 7 months. I was diagnosed almost 6 years ago. After 1 year of treatment of Sprycel 100mg, I was already MR4.5, and stayed there and below, with some blips along the way and 2 pleural effusions....

Congratulations! Great results, and very encouraging for us all! 

Thanks. And I just realized that if I was going to MD Anderson, because  they report only 2 digits, I would have been undetected after a year of treatment and still undetected for 5 years with only one blip along the way!!!