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5 months with CML


Hello all.

My name is Chris, I was 23 when I was told the news. just a few months before my birthday. I am 24 now and had 240k WBC since then my WBC is floating between 4 to 6k. my latest BCR ABL as of 9/23/2019 

B2A2 Transcript: 1.3723


I started at 100mg (Sprycel) because of the WBC. After 3 months my levels where where they needed to be but my platelets where low and the doctor was worried and the side effects were effecting me a lot, so they dropped it down to 70mg. I am feeling more of myself but still running into a lot of fatigue. My work is not that active so I try to fit it where I can. and I drink a lot of water. What can I do to beat this stupid fatigue, it has been affecting my work ever since I was told I have CML? Also  I am new here! 

Ask your doctor to lower your dose further to 50 mg - perhaps lower to 40 mg and monitor bcr-abl progress. There is excellent liklihood you will continue to trend lower (perhaps even faster than you are now) and with less fatigue and other side effects.

(I take 20 mg dasatinib and it brought me to "undetected" - with a little help from my friends - vitamin D3, K2, & Curcumin)

Thank you for that and I will deffently talk to my doctor. my question is how much the 50mg seems to be more effective then 70 or 100mg? They keep telling me that I am the youngest patient that they have. which is uneasy for me because body response is a lot faster than some one in their 70s.