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Videos of UK CML Patient Day now available

All the videos from the UK CML Patient Day are now available to view:

Follow the agenda on the page for each individual presentation.

This was a really great day, so it’s worth watching these videos for up to date information on each topic. It’s fairly comprehensive.


Thank you, David, I appreciate but this must have been a lot of work for you. Even having attended the conference, I am viewing the videos again. The 10:55 presentation by Jane Apperley and the 11:50 presentation by Dragana Milojkovic have answered many questions for me. Both presenters took great care to explain complex matters in a patient friendly manner.

Very helpful, thank you very much David.



Thanks for taking the time to put it together and posting! 👍🏻😁

Thanks for the upload. These videos are very informative.


Thank you for posting. The videos where very informative.

Thanks for posting this content... I am in the US, not sure if there are events like this here (likely there are) but I am only 3 months into my journey with CML so still in heavy discovery mode... anyway, these videos were really helpful, posting them made a difference for me and I wanted to just say thanks for taking the time to do it... 

Thanks! I don’t think there are similar events in the US, at least not as coordinated. You could get in touch with Joannie and Jerry Clements at CML Busters in the US who are clued into US patient advocacy. 


Thanks David for sharing. The videos are very informative