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Lifestyle after cancer


Hi All,

I have come across a publication by Professor Robert Thomas titled "Lifestyle After Cancer". The author is a practicing oncologist in the UK and has done innovative research into lifestyle and the benefits that might arise as a result of attention to diet, exercise and mind/body issues after cancer diagnosis.It is not specifically addressed to CML patients but I found it useful in considering a more scientific approach towards issues such as antioxidants ,vitamins and minerals in the diet.Without nutritional testing it indicates that the overuse of supplements could be dangerous and might in some patients encourage relapse and the development of further cancers but of course this is still a relatively poorly researched area without the usual rigid clinical trials that are used in drug development.

As a CML patient I find it interesting that a prudent diet might assist to prevent the onset of new mutations as also act as an anti inflammatory influence to counter drug side effects that many of us suffer.The author has done other work on.the benefits of phytochemicals and polyphenols and the usefulness of a diet focussing on plant foods.

There have been some related threads on this Forum in the past that have considered issues of diet and foods that help us as CML sufferers or those to avoid;this book adds to that debate.In addition the supplements debate often arises in postings.

I bought mine from Health Education Publications and one can also refer to as well to source other related publications

Has anyone else read the book?



This book seems to be an entertaining read. Admittedly, I have a hard time reading books longer than 100 pages (I might not sound smart by saying that) but chapters 15 and 16 have topics that are of my interest. I might give it a go on the kindle version of this book.

My most recent book on lifestyle was The Wheel of Health, by Dr. Guy Wrench. I liked this book a lot. The book talks about the lifestyle of the Hunza people.