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Update: return to meds after TFR fail (good news)

Sharing my husband’s experience returning to meds after 2nd TFR attempt:

Everyone likes to hear good news! After only 5 weeks on 100 mg Bosulif (very low dose) my husband’s BCR-ABL is .024.  Remarkable.  Down from .39 at 18 months TFR.  The last month in TFR it went up substantially from .18 to .39 so we are thrilled it came down so quickly.  And NO side effects on this drug.  He had not returned to Sprycel because had experienced extreme shortness of breath on 50 mg.  This is the next best thing to TFR so feeling very grateful.  (P.S. the CML specialist was willing to try such low dose because my husband had been a quick and deep responder after diagnosis and after first TFR attempt.)


That is such good news, congratulations!  And thanks for sharing the info.  This adds to the picture that TFR attempts are not so risky.  Good news also on the Bosutinib being side effect free and that he can take the low dose.  All of this info from the field is helpful in changing clinical practice!

@kat73 That is exactly why I posted this info. There is little on the boards about Bosulif and have never heard of anyone on only 100 mg.  I’m really hoping this isn’t too good to be true. We will know next month if it’s real or an aberration.  I appreciate everything I’ve learned in various CML forums and can only pay it back by contributing relevant info from our experience.