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CML Management App: Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey - it would really help


An investigation into the use of app technology in patients with CML.

A group of researchers from the University of Birmingham and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital are undertaking a project looking at the use of apps in the CML setting. Thought we are UK based, this survey is applicable to anyone across the globe.

They have designed a short questionnaire to help them understand patients’ views on the use of healthcare apps in the management of CML. It is hoped that the answers provided can potentially be used to help develop a new app that supports patients with CML. The questionnaire should only take 5-10 minutes max to complete and all responses are anonymised. I just did it and it took me under 3 minutes. If you are interested in taking part, please click on the link below.

If you are unsure about completing this, as an Alumnus of The University of Birmingham you'd be doing me a great personal favour by completing it. 

This survey has passed the ethics committee at the University of Birmingham, does not ask for or store personally identifiable information, and is fully GDPR compliant.

Hi David,
Thanks for sharing,the questionnaire was very interesting.


Thanks David for the opportunity to participate. I hope the have success in developing the app.

Good luck with the app. I Hope (for a cure) that in 10-20 years patients can have an app + small hardware to measure BCR-ABL themselves.

Hi David,

Interesting I am an app developer with CML and I did mention possibly creating one myself on this very forum sometime ago but got little response on here. If I can make one too I will. Healthy competition 🤣


No competition ... this survey is part of a research piece to understand what CML patients would find useful in a CML management app. The results will be published as part of a Masters student's dissertation. So if you want to create a CML app, you'll be able to use the results of this survey to inform the features you might want to implment.


Sounds good David. I will take the survey. Sorry if my previous message seemed a little arrogant. Not my intention at all.

Many thanks


It didn't sond arrogant at all, and thanks for taking the survey.


Cool. I’ve taken the Survey.

If interested I’ve been developing apps since 2011 (currently work for a FTSE 100 as an iOS dev) so if you need some consultation for free hit me up at I am more than happy to contribute again for FREE to this cause. My way of giving back.



I think I would have found it more useful soon after diagnosis, but 10+ years on things seem to be going smoothly and I don't worry much about it all.


maybe talk to the guy who developed Tasitrack?