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I'm awaiting confirmation of a CML diagnosis. This website's proved a great source of information over the past few weeks as I grapple with a likely cancer diagnosis just before Christmas.

However, I wanted to raise concerns about CML Support retweeting party political content, including a post from the Shadow Chancellor and another urging people to vote Labour on December 12.

I'm not a Labour voter (nor a Tory one for that matter) and such partisan endorsements make me feel rather unwelcome here. Surely CML Support should exist for the many, not just the few who hold one political view?

To my mind, CML Support should be impartial. I think I'm right in saying that charities are under a legal duty, as well as a moral one, to remain independent of party politics.


Hi Chris,

I agree. It wasn't me who sent that.

Can you point me to the post in question? At the same, unfortunately medical policy can be highly political so being impartial in politics at all times isn't really possible. Over the years we have worked with politicians from many parties to discuss medical policy in the UK - lots of behind the scenes work.


Hi David,

I'm referring to posts/retweets on twitter in recent weeks, which are overtly party political. I agree with the need to engage with politicians of all shades to advance the cause (I work as a consultant advising public affairs and policy professionals on doing so), but I believe it can and must be done impartially. 

For me, there's an important prinicple at stake: charities must be seen to be independent of party politics otherwise it can harm the cause. For example, if, as appears likely, a Tory government is returned: are its ministers going to want to engage with a charity that's been badmouthing the party throughout the election campaign? 


Thanks Chris.

I don't control access to our Twitter account, but will look into it.

Thanks for raising this.


No problem, thought it was worth flagging!

I should reiterate that this website has proved invaluable to me in recent weeks.

I have not seen the Twitter site before. I never use Twitter. But the site's postings are quite a disgrace: highly political, selling and promoting unproven vitamins, supplements and foods, denigrating the drug companies ("vultures") that have developed TKIs for us.