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New site feature: Direct Messaging

Private / Direct Messaging has been in the works for a while and has been a feature often requested. I’m pleased to say that today we have released this new feature in “beta” form. 

It’s fairly straightforward - you’ll notice a new “message” icon in your menu on this site either directly on your screen (desktop / tablet) or under the “Menu” icon on mobile. Click or press on that and you’ll be taken to your message centre where you can create a new message.

A few things:

  • You can create messages to just one person, or to more than one person if you want
  • As you type the intended recipient, the form will autocomplete and suggest recipients
  • You’ll get an email telling you if you have a new message so you don’t need to log in to the site to check if you have anything new

If you have any feedback, please reply to this post - or, if you want, direct message me! I’d love to hear any feedback good, bad, or constructive you may have.


Awesome stuff David. I am sure it’s going to be a very helpful addition.


Thank you.  This is an awesome feature....