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Just joined

I was diagnised in 2010 September the 7th

I was only 30 yrs old beeing on treatment  almost 

10 yrs now!!! it has been a journey and came with its challenges

Im now taking low dosage of 400g Glevec and have no active cancer cells.

Congratulations! How long have you been "undetected"?

Amazing!! People like you give us “newbies” (nearly 2 for me) a lot of hope! Go and celebrate! I would!


Yes !!! There is hope ,,,Iam planing a big one for my 40th God willing!!!!

Hi,,since  2018  but still taking taking gleevec  

1 tablet 400g every night,,,in 2010  I started with 800g

and as years and progress came by slowly started dropping to

600g and now 400g,,,The real thing here is if you respond postively

to this treatment then stay on it believe me side effects are there ,but I used to resarch how to manage

the side effects.