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Coronavirus and you

We are reading a lot lately on the rapid spread of Coronavirus. Much of what is out there is scaring people unnecessarily.

Coronavirus is less deadly than the flu - keep that in mind. Flu spreads and kills far faster than Coronavirus.

However - we still don't want to catch it and be sick.

One idea is to make sure your vitamin D level is above 50 ng/ml - which is hard to do in winter without supplementing.

Coronavirus is especially susceptible to vitamin D action given its structure. Vitamin D helps the immune system attack enveloped virus'.

It takes time for vitamin D to build up in the body, which is why it is important to get tested and elevate your blood level so you have a strong defense against Corona or any virus.

No guarantee, but prudent nonetheless.

Thank you for sharing

knowing too well our immune system needs a boost!!!

Useful information as usual, Scuba, and  putting things in perspective.

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