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Welcoming Richard Willoughby as a new Trustee of CML Support

We have invited Richard Willoughby (Richard42) to become a new Trustee of CML Support UK, and he has kindly accepted. 

Much of the work we do at CML Support is “behind the scenes” of this web site, working with the government, the NHS and other bodies involved in health care policy.

Richard’s background is patent law, specifically pharma litigation (both enforcement of and challenge to patents). He’s been on both sides of the fence, and has regulatory and competition law experience specific to the pharma sector. In that context, his knowledge and experience will be invaluable to us and will help us continue to push the regulatory bodies here in the UK to provide the best for CML patients. Richard, of course, being one of those patients himself will have a unique perspective.

Welcome aboard Richard!

David, and the rest of the CML Support UK Trustees (Sandy, Dave, Karen, and Nigel).

Belated thanks to David and all for the welcome as a trustee.  I am looking forward to helping out with some of the behind the scenes activities, as David puts it.