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2020 iCMLf Goldman Prize is awarded to Professor Jane Apperley

"Jane has been one of the leaders in CML research for many years. She has helped us not only develop better therapies for patients with CML, but with thorough, thoughtful and innovative research and analysis, understand the best way to manage patients incorporating all known variables and even helping us think of new variables that play a role. She has always kept a critical but balanced view of the data and performed innovative and groundbreaking research. Jane and her group have been leaders in CML research for many years and her contributions make her a very deserving recipient of this award. And even more fitting having worked with John for so many years.”
(Professor Jorge Cortes, Georgia Cancer Center, Augusta University)

Such a fitting recipient. 

Jane isn’t my doctor, but I have met her several times and she has given me fantastic advice. When thinking of starting a family, I asked her (at a conference in Slovenia) if I should stop dasatinib before trying she told me to go about things the old fashioned way and not consider the frozen sperm I had, or any other interventions. I took that advice, and am happy to see that advice is now codified in the ELN 2020 guidelines. It wasn’t clearer before and it’s a very common question.