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Anyone taking just 150 mg nilotinib per day.please share details

Hello everyone,at present im taking 300 mg nilotinib per there any chance that i would reduce it to 150 mg per day.if someone is taking is taking only 150 mg per day please share your experiences.thanking you.


I was taking Nilotinib 150mg once a day from October 19’ till 5 weeks ago. 

I found that most of my side effects went or subsided. I found it a lot easier to fast just once a day also

i have been moved to Ponatinib because of a mutation but would have been happy to stay on Nilotinib once a day if I could have 


hope you are well 

Anybody taking nilotinib 150 mg per day more other 1 year.

Yes.  I have been on 150 mg per day since Sep 2017, so 2 1/2 years now.  I was Dx in Sep 2016 and started on 300 mg 2x per day or 600 mg total.  I started reducing 150 mg at a time in March of 2017 due to multiple, significant and mostly unusual side effects - multiple squamous cell skin cancers, multiple episodes of swollen salivary glands from severe dry mouth, sustained and frequent heart arrhythmia and many of the other nore typical side effects.  With the exception of the latter which has gotten much better, they have all gone away and I have been > MR 4.5 since April 2017, now testing every 6 months. If all remains the same, I'm targeting Sep 2021 or 2022 for TFR attempt.