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Can anyone help please stuck on Cruise Ship in Hawaii


Hi all
Husband is on 140mg sprycel per day.
We have been stuck on this cruise ship for 3 weeks and not allowed into any ports on the Norwegian jewel. We are on route to Hawaii now but have just heard that we are unable to get off the ship. We are running out of the surplus medication we brought with us. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get more in Hawaii? The ship doctors aren't helping us get it. Does anyone know anyone in Hawaii, we are afraid we might be quarantined so will be stuck. We are trying to work with the ship and the Australian consulate but it's proving to be difficult . The ship is docking in 22nd March Honolulu. To refuel and essential supplies. Can anyone please help

Hi, so sorry to hear of your awful situation.How much Sprycel have you got left ,140 mg seems a very high dose .Couldnt you reduce it.If you could give more details of how long you have been on Sprycel ,what your latest bloods were I am sure one of the experts on here will answer you soon with a suggestion .Sorry I can't help you ,but will be thinking of you ,Good Luck ,Denise.

Blimey what a sorry state of affairs the world is in. If you can’t  get more drugs maybe lowering his dose by cutting in half could be an option, at least he’ll get the drug in his system and their is evidence that lower dose sprycel is actually more affective. I am sure you have communicated the severity of this. Their must be a way. I will be thinking of you all.


Thanks Denise yep. We are in discussions re reduction.
We have another 60 days in Australia but can't seem to get it here. Even with commercial flights leaving from Sydney everyday till 22nd.
Too hoops to jump thru

Hi Shelley ,most of us take 50 mg even 20 mg ,less is more ,but I don't know your husbands situation .It will be better I think  to take a lower dose everyday than run out and not take any at all .I feel for you ,we are all thinking about you ,keep in touch how you get on .Regards ,Denise x

That seems like a very high dose of dasatinib. Can you communicate with your husbands clinician by email?


Hi, been thinking about you ,how are you doing ,any developments.