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Mutation doubts to scuba, kirk

Hi scuba,
Two years ago i changed to nilotinib from imatanib without taking mutation test. After taking nilotinib my pcr is always between 4 to 4. 5.
My question is, just assume i have mutation two years back. If i take mutation test now would the mutation test detect that mutation. Bec its already two years since i changed yo nilotinib also my pcr is 0071.
I read that if pcr is below 1 its hard to find mutation using sanger method and even new generation sequencing method.

Some may be interested in what the Sanger method is for DNA sequencing - see video for a simple explanation:

Regarding your situation - I am assuming your PCR is currently 0.071 which is excellent! You have very low levels - barely detectable levels of residual bcr-abl proteins. A mutation test is unnecessary and your doctor would likely not order one. The reason mutation test is difficult when PCR's are so low is that you have very little CML DNA to work with. As the video above describes, successful DNA testing requires amplification. Too little starting DNA leads to all sorts of problems and sensitivity error during the reactions (temperature, concentration, etc.). There are other methods to overcome some of these hurdles, but with a PCR < 0.1 (in your case), it's not worth the effort.

You are in a very good place. Over time your PCR will likely lower further as residual disease dies out.

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Thank you for your reply.i wrongly created two treads on same topic. Also there is no option to delete.