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Are cml survivors eligible for Government jobs

Hello everyone
I would like to study for Indian Government exams . Are we considered as normal persons as long as we remain in remission. Are we eligible for government posts.should i need to inform government exam boards before applying for exam.i don't know about other countries but in india there is no clear provision regarding this.
Also can we join police force.?
If there is any dispute between us and government would the court favour us or government.
I wish to know how is the situation in other countries.
Without knowing the situation it is hard to study for the exam. So i wish somebody shed light on this issue.
Thank you everyone.

I brought this as my oncologist himself doesn't have answer for this. Thank you.

Only mentions...

After pass exam

medical test...


And 3-4 report.....

Last visited

I asked my doctor

After undertactable pcr report...

CBC REPORT diagnoses patient is CML

Doctor : no...

Hello, anybody have any idea regarding this. Scuba air, Sandy ma'am.


I was working in the public service in UK when I was diagnosed. In UK there is legislation in the Equality Act 2010 which makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee or potential employee on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, and many other factors. A diagnosis of any cancer such as CML is one of those factors. Employers are required to make "suitable adjustments" to accommodate the employee in the workplace. In my case it was simply to allow me time for my appointments, which I always more than made up as I had a very busy and senior role.  UK employment law does not allow the results of a medical report to be used in making a hiring decision. I hope this helps. 

Thank you sir. I read many articles about court judgements. It clearly states everyone have equal opportunities.