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Hi everyone!

I originally posted last year when hubby was first diagnosed. It was a tough time as you all know and I just wanted to update on his progress so far and say how thankful we are to this group for providing excellent support and advice which has helped us greatly.
His BCR-ABL was 46 ( international scale ) at diagnosis in October. In January it was 0.57 and March 0.17 so we are told he is doing very well!
As well as taking 600 Nilotinib, he takes high strength curcumin, magnesium citrate, Vit D3, Vit K2 and Vit B12. His muscle/ bone aches have decreased significantly and he is still working full-time, playing squash etc, after only taking less than three weeks off when first diagnosed. Now we face a new challenge re Covid19! We live in a small town in Australia, massively unaffected by this virus, so feel pretty blessed atm. We are taking lots of extra precautions though. Only I go shopping, kids and hubby stay home. He has been working remotely for the past few months, he will be returning to work on Monday, following advice from his oncologist that he is safe to do so, given his results, where we live and his limited contact with others. We will take each day at a time as always. Hope everyone is going well. Stay safe