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Dasatinib rash


I’ve been on 100 mg dasatinib since November 2019. I’m having a bit of a problem with rash which won’t go away. It’s small red dots on arms and legs. I’ve also lost much body hair on my legs.

Anyone had something similar? Any tips on what to do with the rash?

Hey there yes this is 100% normal and have exactly the same. I am on Nilotinib but all the drugs have the same effect. Some pubic hairs have grown back but it’s defo way less than it used to be. Funny enough the 1st place I noticed loosing hair was the small hairs on my toes lol.

And the little red spots near the hair follicles I also have mainly noticed on my thighs and my upper arms. It’s scary when you don’t recognise your body anymore and little aches and pains become a source of anxiety as do these “little” things. I also freaked out brushing my hair or showering to find a small amount of hair thinning but I remain to have a full head of hair and stubble. I also notice the hair on my head had weird waves in them that I never had before.

Hang in there all normal for an abnormal situation.