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Increasing platelet count

Over the last 3 years my platelet count has steadily increased and is currently 1,000. I was diagnosed with cml 17 years ago and have been on Nilotinib for most of this. PCR has remained at .02 so there is no increase in the cml. I have had numerous tests and none have come up with a reason for the rise. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago but that has been treated and nothing remains. It was thought this could be the reason but has been dismissed now. 


Has anyone else had this happen? My haematologist at Hammersmith Hospital has discussed it with many others and cannot find anyone else with this or a reason for it.

Have you had any tests for possible cardiac issues?


I have had many ECGs during chemo and i had echoes whilst have treatment for breast cancer.  No problems were found.

I have had checks on my bone marrow, scans of lower abdomen, ultra sound of uterus, tubes down throat and up the other way. The only test with a slight sign was the JAK2 test but that shows 4% only which i understand is what is common in "normal" people.